F R E N C H 


(GRADES 4 to 6)

Blonde Boy Reading
Blond Student
A Girl in a Classroom


(GRADES 7 to 9)

Girls in School Uniform
Technology at School
Teenage Students Raising Hands


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S P E A K I N G    S K I L L S:

  • Using online ressources to practice communicating information  orally in French, using a variety of speaking strategies and age- and grade-appropriate language suited to the purpose and audience

W R I T I N G   S K I L L S :

  • Producing French texts for a variety of different purposes and audiences while applying appropriate styles and structures. 

  • Learning to incrementally develop the stages of the writing process – including effective pre-writing (brainstorming), producing first drafts, revising, reading feedback, editing, and publishing.

R E A D I N G   S K I L L S :

  • Using appropriate reading comprehension strategies to  determine meaning in a variety of poems, stories, and other texts

  • Identifying key traits of a variety of text forms, including fictional, informational, graphic, and media forms

L I S T E N I N G   S K I L L S :

  • Using various listening strategies to determine meaning in oral French texts.

  • Interpreting various messages accurately while listening to various dialogues and conversations

  •  Demonstrate an understanding of various mannerisms, idiomatic  expressions, and sociolects related to diverse francophone communities 

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